- Executive Coaching


Meeting-with-Executives-EtiquetteDuring these complex and difficult economic times, senior executives and managers often turn to Dr. Richard N. Wolman to coach them as they balance critical work and personal issues. He assists clients in managing their stress to free energy for setting priorities to obtain positive results personally and professionally.

Dr. Wolman helps executives identify key factors that may block their ability to move forward effectively, in their current role or when exploring new career directions. He also provides thoughtful attention to a client’s interpersonal skills and language dynamics that are crucial in building and communicating the right strategies for success. Often, we are too close to some situations to see them clearly. With increased self-knowledge, however, executives can envision new strategies, strengthen relationships, improve communication and ultimately live more fully.

Dr. Wolman provides an independent sounding board to help executives achieve another level of performance. He helps invigorate his clients to develop new ways to solve old problems. In one-to-one meetings with Dr. Wolman, executives learn to stimulate broader insight and new perspectives. Each progressive visit serves to uplift a client’s mental outlook as well as monitor the steps necessary to achieve personal and career goals.

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