Personality Inventory


PsychoMatrix is dedicated to serving individuals interested in deepening their self-understanding to help them learn more about themselves and increase effectiveness professionally and interpersonally.

The PsychoMatrix Personality Inventory has been administered to thousands of people, both to individuals who are interested in greater self-understanding and to groups in our workshops. This valuable tool will allow you to see more clearly how you compare to others with regard to the Five Major Personality Factors, which are further broken down into six facets. Together these categories afford rich insight for exploring one’s own personality profile.

The Five Major Personality Factors

            • Neuroticism (Emotional Sensitivity)
            • Openness
            • Extroversion
            • Agreeableness
            • Conscientiousness

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Upon receipt of your request, our office will contact you to obtain the information necessary to process your test along with your payment of $100. Once payment is received and approved, we will send you an email invitation to take the NEO, which includes instructions and a link to take the test online. It usually takes no more than forty-five minutes to complete the test.

After we receive your completed test, we will send you a detailed analysis of your responses, explaining the results in easy to grasp language. 

Developed after research on general personality patterns of thousands of men and women, the NEO gives a detailed personality profile of normal individuals. In this case, normal is considered a synonym for the term healthy, just as the term abnormal can mean unhealthy. It is not used to screen abnormal or unhealthy individuals.

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