Matchmakers & Dating Coaches


For the past 20 years, matchmakers and dating coaches throughout the United States included PsychoMatrix Personality
and Spirituality Inventories
as a unique dimension to their matchmaking service. Over 15,000 singles gained a deeper
understanding of themselves and what they bring to their relationships.

Conversations between a client and his or her matchmaker/dating coach make the Personality Inventory (NEO) and Spirituality Inventory powerful additions to the matching and dating coaching process by helping matchmakers and dating coaches understand
their clients’ values and personality styles. These insights are useful to determine relationship goals for successful matches.

The NEO Report creates a dialogue between clients and their matchmaking/dating coaching professional. This dialogue permits
reflection, interactive questions and honest feedback. The reports also provide your clients with new, self-descriptive language
to use on dates and in building a dynamite online profile.

Clients may take their Personality Inventory online and their matchmaker/dating coach will receive a confidential report of the
findings. This in-depth report describes the components that comprise your client’s unique personality style. The NEO is designed
for normal people and is descriptive, not evaluative. An executive summary report is also included to share with your clients.

The PsychoMatrix Spirituality Inventory helps your matchmaking and dating coaching clients gain a better understanding of their
spiritual experience and personal values. With your guidance, your clients learn how these Personality and Spirituality Factors
effect finding, creating and keeping loving and lasting relationships.



The PsychoMatrix Personality and Spirituality Inventory Package is $100/client.
To place an order, contact Each package includes
guidelines and instructions for the matchmaker/dating coach and client.