Dr. Richard N. Wolman

A member of the faculty of the Harvard Medical School for over 25 years, Richard N. Wolman, Ph.D. is an experienced clinician, teacher and researcher. He is a clinical psychologist with expertise in psychotherapy with individuals, couples, families and children, and president and research director of PsychoMatrix.

Dr. Wolman teaches the “Psychology of Influence” at Harvard and offers workshops about spirituality in the workplace. His research focuses on spirituality, child custody, psychotherapy, dreams and child development. He has extensive experience with personality testing in relation to the dating and matchmaking process where he applies theory to practice in coaching singles searching for meaningful relationships.

An Affiliate of the Boston Law Collaborative. Dr. Wolman serves as Guardian ad Litem on custody disputes and consults with lawyers and families experiencing the divorce process.

In his groundbreaking book, Thinking with Your Soul: Spiritual Intelligence and Why It Matters, Dr Wolman defines spiritual intelligence as: “the human capacity to ask questions about the meaning of life, and to experience simultaneously the seamless connection between each of us and the world in which we live.” Featuring the Spiritual Inventory (PSI), Thinking with Your Soul gives us a snapshot of the areas in our lives in which there is a strong emphasis on spirituality. This self-knowledge enables us to strengthen relationships, improve communication and ultimately live more fully.

Dr. Wolman is a busy speaker and lecturer and widely published on a variety of topics, including marriage and divorce, psychological assessment, child development, psychotherapy and spirituality. He has also been the guest on many local and national radio and TV programs.

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